In a world of unreliable footage and uncertified videos being circulated through social media Ruptly’s Verification Unit (VU) is ensuring the footage provided to broadcasters and online platforms is accurate and trustworthy.

This year we independently verified 550 files, ensuring full accuracy and authenticity for those who deployed footage. In our 2021 coverage, we had zero client retractions relating to verification. Our verification unit also caught 104 files that contained inaccuracies, were false or misleading, preventing the further circulation of fake news stories.

Proper use of a VU allows breaking news footage to be delivered rapidly from any part of the world to newsrooms, with reassurance of its provenance and accuracy. It means that content can be sourced and verified much faster than many other methods, which is why this year Ruptly’s methodology delivered around 180 user-generated content (UGC) videos featuring vital first-images of key moments from breaking major news events.

As the climate crisis intensified, and 2021 saw focus on this important matter come to the fore, demand led to a greater need to source and verify increasing amounts of climate-related UGC content. In July alone, Ruptly’s verification unit verified and secured 22 weather-related videos of floods, wildfires and hurricanes.

One of most compelling stories of 2021 was the sudden withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. With turmoil and a rapidly changing news environment prompted by the  Taliban taking control of the country, media presence was placed under scrutiny and the importance of ensuring accuracy in content flowing from the country became paramount.  The Ruptly VU team verified every individual package related to this major news event – in excess of 50 self-produced packages were distributed and broadcast globally across thousands of news outlets and digital platforms.

2021 was certainly an eventful year for news verification in which its essential role in ensuring accuracy has placed it at the epicentre of news delivery. We have seen how useful it has proved in ensuring the content released is dependable, and accurate. As we look towards 2022, plans are already in place to scale Ruptly’s in-house verification video production, as well as incorporate significant bespoke verification and user-generated content focused platforms into the team’s work.​ These new processes will ensure Ruptly keeps leading from the front when it comes to providing rapid trustworthy video news content to clients across the world.

By Laura Lucchini, Head of News