Ruptly, the award-winning international news and multimedia agency, has launched Know Your Source, a new interactive website designed to show both media professionals and the general public how to spot misinformation in digital news.

With the increasing use of social media as a vehicle to spread rumour, propaganda and inaccurate reporting, Ruptly’s innovative Verification Unit is sharing the expertise of its global newsgathering network to provide people with the tools to recognise and prevent them. Aimed at the media industry, students and the general public, the new project centres around sources as the foundation of reliable journalism.

An engaging, interactive website gives audiences the chance to explore previous examples of inaccurate sourcing in major news reports that were later amplified on social media. Using real-life case studies, Know Your Source equips users to distinguish between reliable and unreliable stories – building greater digital media literacy and helping newsrooms to remain watertight.

The Know Your Source platform also explores what transparent sourcing means – for audiences, newsrooms and field reporters.

Laura Lucchini, Head of News at Ruptly, said: “With technologies becoming increasingly sophisticated, telling fact from fake is harder than ever before. Our Verification Unit is dedicated to improving public literacy on this issue, and establishing transparency of the entire verification process. Fake news spreads like wildfire on social media, and it’s absolutely vital that everyone, whether they are journalists or not, understands what good, reliable, sourcing involves.”

Ruptly launched its dedicated in-house Verification Unit, which also publishes continuous blogs and threads on its fact-checking processes, in 2018. By late 2020, Ruptly had 114,000 followers on Twitter and 1.48 million subscribers on YouTube, where its videos have garnered up to 3 million views.