Ruptly, the award-winning international news and media agency brings another show-stopping slate of human-interest documentaries to MIPCOM 2020. Having built substantially on its catalogue since the launch of Ruptly Documentary Collection earlier this year, the distributer goes from strength to strength with a carefully curated slate of new titles that bring the human experience — past, present and global — to the fore.

Focusing on unexplored communities and confronting some of society’s biggest issues, from climate change and race relations, to media freedoms and gender inequality, Ruptly’s 250-strong catalogue brings the world to audiences’ screens at a time when they are less able to explore it themselves.

Key titles for this year’s market include:

  • Dyatlov Group's Journal: The Last Page – An immersive unpicking of the infamous Dyatlov Pass mystery, retracing the final steps of the group of explorers who inexplicably perished in the Ural Mountains in 1959.
  • Journalism on Trial – A timely and unsettling exploration of the UK media freedoms, uncovering an alternative perspective on the disparity between the national myth and the reality.
  • Exporting Homophobia – A sprawling look at the history of homophobia in Kenya and Uganda, and the American evangelicals who remain at the core of its lingering legacy.
  • Black Lives: Trap – An eye-opening examination of the structures and people at the root of persistent racial inequality in the US, explored from the seat of American power – Washington D.C.
  • Europe's Trapped Child Refugees – In Melilla, Northern Africa, there are thousands of child refugees facing neglect, danger and even sexual assault – this powerful documentary examines how society let them slip through the cracks.
  • Oury Jalloh: Death in Cell #5 – An investigation into the death by burning of asylum seeker Oury Jalloh in German police custody 14 years ago. Was it simple negligence – or a state cover-up.
  • Cholitas: The Women Transforming Bolivia – Meet the indigenous Bolivian women spearheading societal change to end gender discrimination. From politicians, to victims, to activists – we bring their stories to light.
  • No Way Back: Water – An illuminating look at the water crisis that is overcoming our planet, and the global action required to stop it before time runs out.
  • Grave Games – The most unlikely PR campaign ever? Meet the Hungarian Undertakers’ Association, a collective of gravediggers determined to earn their misunderstood craft the admiration it deserves.
  • No Way Back: The Animal Kingdom – A third of the world's species may be extinct in 50 years thanks to the actions of mankind. Meet those determined to prevent this catastrophe.

Matt Tabaccos, Chief Commercial Officer of Ruptly, said: “It’s been an exciting 2020 for Ruptly Documentary Collection as we expand into new territory following our launch in May. For MIPCOM 2020, we are bringing a fantastic array of titles gathered with painstaking attention and our trademark inquisitive mindset. Our latest releases further build on our already extensive catalogue of must-have titles suited to broadcasters and digital platforms the world over.”

He continued: “As the industry continues to navigate the post-pandemic era, we are looking to highlight our remote production capabilities and Covid-proof workflow. As a result we are constantly connecting with buyers and media players worldwide, to explore and develop new collaborations.”