Ruptly, the international news and media agency, reveals its plans for the Tokyo games. Ruptly's global network of journalists are covering this major sporting event from every angle. From local businesses to distant fans, from protests to celebrations, Ruptly's reporters capture the event in Japan and around the world.

Taking place during a global pandemic, the pressure is on as never before. On-site we offer broadcast facilities from a rooftop overlooking the National Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held, as well as all track and field events. Ruptly offers:

  • Rooftop views over the National Stadium and Shinjuku Tower
  • Stand-up positions and 3- camera studio overlooking the stadium
  • IP and satellite distribution
  • ENG Crews with IP backpacks
  • IP remote switch for studio

The news story has already begun. Videos available on Ruptly's website range from local volunteers receiving their official kit amid protests over the decision to go ahead with the Games during a pandemic, to national teams arriving, and personal stories from the torch relay.