Ruptly’s catalogue, now over 230-strong only a year on from the launch of Ruptly Documentary Collection, highlights the determination and spirit of individuals and communities around the world.

Key documentaries place centre stage the momentous and inspirational stories of the marginalised groups of the Global South, exploring themes of oppression, resistance and liberation amidst the legacy of colonialism and imperialism. Hard-hitting and unflinching, they expose viewers to unseen worlds – from transgender sex workers on the streets of Mexico, to indigenous Guatemalan communities fighting for justice against genocide.

Key titles for this year’s market include:

  • Niger’s Route of Death – an eye-opening exposé on the externalisation of the EU’s borders and militarisation of key migratory routes across the Mediterranean and Africa – inciting violence, hurting economies and costing hundreds of thousands of lives.
  • Justice for the Dead – an illuminating story of the fight for justice waged by the indigenous peoples of Guatemala, whose livelihoods and loved ones were massacred at the hands of US-backed armed forces.
  • Occupied Kashmir – a platform for the voices of the families and fighters whose lives have been blown apart by the failed two-state solution in Kashmir, as Indian colonial-style forces move towards a ‘West Bank’ style of occupation.
  • Fighting for Survival – a staggering look at the emotional stories and silenced struggles of the Mexican transgender workers trying to get by and uphold their loved ones’ legacies in the world’s second deadliest country for trans people.
  • Genocide in Indonesia – a thought-provoking inquiry into the mass killings of 1965-66, and the efforts of various military forces to extinguish the PKI, against the backdrop of Cold War hysteria.
  • Digital Colonialism – an unflinching examination of the digital revolution sweeping Africa with global tech giants at the helm. We ask: is this technological liberation or just another form of colonialism?

Matt Tabaccos, Chief Commercial Officer of Ruptly, said: “I’m really excited to bring this slate to the market, in a continuation of our track record for shows that are not only impressive and insightful, but fundamentally human. As our business has matured, so too has our content, and I’m proud to bring that to bear with these latest titles.”

He added “It’s safe to say we didn’t choose the easiest 12 months in which to launch our documentary division, but I’m thrilled that in our first year, we’ve more than risen to the challenge. We’ve gone from strength to strength, growing our catalogue, expanding our client base and continuing to unearth and produce new and captivating content for broadcast networks, production houses and OTT, despite the obvious difficulties of producing during a pandemic.”

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