As a result the article was published with numerous inaccuracies and misinformation. YLE later included a reply from Ruptly but did not remove any of the misleading content. Ruptly has now formally written to YLE outlining its concerns and is awaiting a response. However, in the public interest, we are also publishing a list of retractions and corrections that we would expect a reputable organization to make.

Claim: “Ruptly is the subsidiary of the Russian state-funded media company RT, formerly Russia Today.”

Reality: Ruptly was founded by ANO TV-Novosti to act as an independent commercially funded organisation and sister agency to RT. This information is clearly available on our website.

Claim: “Ruptly is always the first and quickest to react to protests and always participates in them. For example, it participated in the anti-migration protests in Chemnitz and the anti-muslim Pegida movement’s meetings. Nowadays it participates to the protests against corona restrictions, Dr Spahn says.”

Reality: While Ruptly is often first, no journalist working for Ruptly has ever ‘participated’ in any protest while reporting for us and would face serious disciplinary action and/or dismissal if they did. No evidence is presented to support this claim because no evidence exists.

Claim:Water-cooler chatter in Ruptly was disappointed, when Le Pen lost the election to Emmanuel Macron. It happened before I worked there, Seikkanen recalls.

Reality: This assertion is offered without any supporting evidence or quotes. The main source for the article openly admits to not being present and no other witnesses have corroborated the claim.

Claim:Ruptly portrayed itself and other Russian state media as a trustworthy alternative to supposedly untrustworthy Western media, Seikkanen says.”

Reality: Ruptly has never claimed that Western media is not trustworthy and again the article fails to provide a single instance to back up this unfounded allegation. As a global news agency, a substantial number of our clients are Western media for whom we have the greatest respect and with whom we often cooperate on coverage.

Claim:In addition, Ruptly has the position of the Kremlin's official video agency. It films all the Russian government’s press conferences for global distribution.”

Reality: Incorrect. The Kremlin does not have an official video agency. Ruptly occasionally films Russian officials, as do all our competitor agencies.

Claim: “In November 2019 a delegation from AfD travelled to Syria to meet representatives of Assad's administration. Ruptly accompanied them.”

Reality: The footage was actually taken by a local stringer who regularly films government meetings. Ruptly was never part of the delegation and suggesting otherwise is a clear attempt to impugn our reputation for impartiality.

Claim: “They cultivate populations, who are ready to go to the streets and maybe do other things. They portray our governments as authoritarian and undemocratic and, for example claim, that the COVID-19 pandemic does not exist, Spahn tells.

Reality: Absolutely no evidence is provided to support this claim. Ruptly has never denied the existence of the pandemic – the vast majority of our coverage of the past year has been dedicated to showing how the pandemic has devastated communities around the world. Basic research would have quickly disproven this claim.

Claim:Yle has seen documents which show in writing that one of Seikkanen’s colleagues, a young woman, was subjected to sexual harassment by a male colleague in a senior position. When she reported the matter to her supervisors, they convinced her not to go to the police. Her temporary contract was later not extended.

Reality: We never comment on individual personnel matters. However, we can say that any such internal issues are robustly investigated to ensure complete employee safety and we have a zero tolerance policy toward any kind of harassment or discrimination. We also have documented evidence that the complainant was in fact advised on more than one occasion to go to the police. We would add that 58% of our senior management is female, including our CEO, Chief Content and Strategy Officer, Chief Operations Officer and our Head of News. And we absolutely refute the suggestion that any employee, past or present, has been dissuaded from reporting anything relating to their work to the authorities.

Claim:I think Ruptly broke German labour law, but the law didn't protect me, a third-country national, Seikkanen says.

Reality: There is no evidence that Ruptly behaved illegally. This is a deeply serious allegation and we will defend ourselves against it to the fullest extent of the law.

Claim: “Ruptly has particular topics which it monitors closely. Seikkanen says that the company made a significant number of videos about those topics, even though there were no journalistic or social grounds for specially wide coverage.”

Reality: No evidence or examples are provided to support this entirely false claim. Which topics? And how can someone who by their own admission does not have a journalism background judge what is or isn’t worthy of coverage? A news agency by definition must provide the broadest possible coverage for our global clients and what may be of great interest in one country may not have any appeal in another.

Claim: “Seikkanen says that generally Ruptly didn't film or market videos about Russian political or social problems, such as demonstrations against President Putin.

Reality: Completely untrue. To quote only two high-profile examples, Ruptly recently carried dozens of video packages of pro-Navalny demonstrations in Russia and provided extensive coverage of the Moscow protests in 2019. A simple search of our website would prove this claim to be totally unfounded.

Claim: “In Finland, Ruptly's videos and streams are regularly shown on a site called UMV-lehti, whose former editor-in-chief and other contributors have been convicted of several crimes related to the site.”

Reality: Ruptly has never supplied content to this site nor even had contact with anyone associated with it. Any Ruptly content that has appeared there has been stolen and used without permission.

Claim: “For Ruptly, it's perfect that many young people in Berlin need work and apply for jobs at its office. These young people come from poorer countries and many of them escape crises. They might be Eurosceptic to begin with. In addition, they speak languages which Ruptly needs while operating in different countries, such as in South America, Wiebe says.”

Reality: This is untrue as well as being offensive and xenophobic: in fact, the majority of our staff come from Germany, the UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden. They are multi-lingual, highly-skilled and experienced employees – many of whom have previously worked for other respected international media outlets.

Although there are many other inaccuracies and distortions in the piece, we believe these to be the most concerning. We await the reply from YLE with interest.